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Aroma derives from the Greek word Spice – today the word is used more broadly to mean Fragrance. Therapy means curative treatment by the use of scents. It consists of the use of aromatic or oils extracted from wild or cultivated plants.

AROMATHERAPY draws on the healing power of the plant world, it employs only its essential oils, extracted from root, wood, leaves, flowers or fruits of plants.

FRAGRANT Essential Oils can enrich your life, whether they are used therapeutically, in beauty treatment, to perfume the home or for sheer pleasure. But when oils are combined with massage, their effectiveness in relieving stress, improving mood and promoting good health is most striking.

How it work
Essential oils when inhaled may enter the body via olfactory system and when diluted and applied externally, essential oil molecules may permeate skin, Once within your system, essential oils will work to re-establish harmony and REVITALIZE those system or organs where there is a malfunction or lack of balance. Their ability is to restore balance of both and mind. Essential oils raise the body’s immune system to strengthen its resistance to further attack, which eventually is the most positive side/after effect. 

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